HERE IT IS -- My First Ever All-Original "Polka" Music CD !!!

"The Polka Element"

All written by yours truly and performed using my Hohner Morino V, Voice & Alesis QS6.2

The Songs:

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All Night Long - It's always great being on stage in front of a Polka Crowd !

Great Days - If you have a special someone, everyday is a "great" day.

I'm A Much Bigger Man - Can you guess what this song is about?

In MyArms - That's what dancing is all about.

It's Always Polka Time - Yes, it is!

Matterhorn - My tribute to the German "Alpen Rock" polka craze.

My Early Years - Do you miss the old "polka" neighborhood?

Polka Island - It was very cold outside when I wrote this and I love the Caribbean!

Polkancerto - Who says polkas are not classics?

Polkas Are Cool - You Bet!

Polkas Rock My World - All the time!

Ride Cossack Ride - Taras Bulba was a childhood movie fav, can you see the horses?

Tejanita - Tejano sounds and a very sad story.

Wild Polka Girls - Are everywhere!

So, Would you like to buy my music? It's easy -- only $15.00 (shipping included)