HERE IT IS -- My First Ever All-Original "New-Age" Music CD !!!


All written by yours truly and performed using my Alesis QS6.2

The Songs:

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Alpaca Path: I love Peruvian Flutes and hope you agree that this inspires the feel of being in the mountains (Andes).

Chesapeake Calypso: A fun little song even though I rarely hear calypso music around the bay.

Falling Into Place: The flowing nature of the piano lines certainly did fall into place by the time I finished this.

Insomnia: YES -- I was unable to sleep one night and went into my studio and wrote this melody.

Jamba: A blend of many latin beats.

Moonlit Mesa: I've been to the southwest and being there inspired this song.

Orangetina: Do you like tangos?

Pipe Dreams: Fun with many organ sounds on my keyboard and it didn't come out too cathedral like.

Playin' Possum: I pictured two lil' furry animals playing after I composed this.

Rainy Bay: I don't like the rain at all, but, I do like this melody.

Sierra Sunrise: Once again, the southwest inspired me.

Spinning: This melody was written about 20 years ago and stayed in my spinning head.

Surfin' In San Juan: I like surfer music !

Victory Gate: I hope someone agrees that this should be in a movie some day.

View From Space: Has a floating feel to it and I've been fascinated with outer space all my life.


"O my god! The music is so great! really.. *i just want to say that..hmm i hope that you gonna give a concert soon in France (^.^)well.. bye bye  - Fabienne *A big big fan ;-D*"

"Cheers from Ottawa! All your work is amazing." - Ralph from Canada

"I dig your music. I think this is the most passionate thing I've heard in a while. It doesn't get much better than this. It's perfect, great change ups, and perfect mood. Very original. Completely professional in every way. This is ready for worldwide exposure." - John from Portland, Oregon

"Your music is freakin SWEET! Keep up the Good Work". - Chloe from Limoges, France

"Your music influences me to make music." - Ferra M from Wolf Creek, Montana USA

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