Not Accordion 2 The Rulez - Released June 2007

Featuring the Accordion as the lead instrument.

All songs written by yours truly...just click the title for a MP3 sound sample...

ACHILLES - A triumphant sounding composition, ready for battle?

BEACH BUNNY BLAST - A tribute to my love of surf music.

FOREST FOLLIES - Imagine a walk in a secluded forest.

GOINí NOWHERE FAST - Exactly...with a latin beat.

MANGO MAN - Fun little melody.

PALACE INTRIGUE - A harem maybe?

PORCH SWING - Think Grandpa and Grandma on the porch.

PSYCHO PIRATE - What can I say?

ROCK THE BOX - Feel the rock groove.

SACRED JOURNEY - American Indian, prehistoric? You decide.

SIESTA - Sleepy South American Village?

SONIC SQUEEZE - Maybe great for a video game or belly dancer.

STARGAZING - Just laying back and watching the stars at night.

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