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Ahh -- My ALESIS QS6.2

Whenever I purchase a new keyboard -- I always buy 2 of them so I have a spare. I have been thrilled with Alesis products and all my recordings feature Alesis program sound samples.

"Ruby" -- My latest "on-stage" accordion

She's light and plays perfectly. I have the "bass" side midi'd.

"Moose" My Main SQUEEZE Hohner Morino V

Ever faithful studio recording instrument and also has the "bass" midi'd. I'm afraid I do not play him onstage back and shoulders can't take the weight.

"Lil' Blue"

I purchased this "Made in China" Hohner sounding 48-Bass "Parrot" a few years ago. Great for strolling and for some stage gigs.


This poor baby was bought in Germany for me when a former student of mine named Rocky was there many many years ago. It's dirty, leaks air and some reeds are a bit worn, but, it still has a use...

It sits near me and I use it to check band arrangements that I do...