"Composition" by Mike Surratt - Release date 8/1/09

Mike Surratt once again shows us his musical mettle—his innermost composition, if you will. Through his music, experience and explore a vast array of musical emotions.  Surratt invites us to again accompany him on another remarkable musical journey, in which he  encourages us to explore the deepest pathways of all—the emotional composition within ourselves.

 Surratt skillfully conducts you along the twisted highways and byways residing within us all, with the deft maneuvering of his Alesis keyboard, Hohner Accordion, and vocal texturization.

 From troubled and brooding (Dark Sea), to bouncy and playful (Barcelona Bop), to creepy heebie jeebies (Marionette Madness), to wistful and longing (Thinking of You), Surratt eloquently showcases how our thoughts and feelings can be added to a rhythm section and turned into something both enjoyable and entertaining, as well as imminently danceable!


For more information, visit his website: www.MikeSurratt.com.

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Dark Sea    High Vista    Idiosyncrasy   Lullaby of the Gods

   Marionette Madness    Mystic Journey   Organomics   

Russian Along    Space Walk    The Barcelona Bop  

The Monster Minuet    Thinking of You    Tropicola   Warrior Heart





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