Calm Creativity - Release date 11/15/05

See the visions and feel the emotions of Mike Surratt as his musical meanderings take you around the world and beyond with his all original, New Age styling of mood music. Experience the sounds and sensations of an incredible voyage like no other.

Difficult to describe, impossible to forget. From playful to powerful, the evocative instrumentation will stimulate mind & spirit, & set soar your imagination. This haunting collection of meditative offerings is sure to make your journeys memorable.

Mike Surratt has been writing original compositions and arrangements, as well as performing for more than 35 years. He has entertained audiences from South Dakota to Florida, New Mexico to Michigan, and many points in between, as well as on the high seas during his career.  This project was inspired when Mike began to unleash creative energies he had not previously explored in the genre of new age / mood music. He simply let his fingers discover various sounds during his musical mental travels, with only an Alesis keyboard and Hohner Morino accordion for company.

Journey with Mike and see the desolate beauty of the American southwest, feel the lonely windswept Andean mountaintops, and play in the cool waters of the Chesapeake. Behold the awe-inspiring pipe organs from days gone by, playfully dance a suggestive tango, and then taste the cool droplets of rain before they splash into the Bay. Mike will share with you a victorious entry, paint an exquisite sunrise in the Sierras and then finally out it all in perspective with a breathtaking view from space.

Enjoy your trip!

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Alpaca Path    Chesapeake Calypso    Falling Into Place    Insomnia

Jamba    Moonlit Mesa    Orangetina    Pipe Dreams

Playin' Possum    Rainy Bay    Sierra Sunrise     Spinning

Surfin' In San Juan    Victory Gate    View From Space





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